Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh god!( I thought of you again)
[11:30 p.m alone out in the snowy night and smoking]

Separate occasion, different person.
My chest hurts, symptoms of surviving a past tragedy.
If only, if only, oh well, I'm not bleeding anymore, it's only tender now.

Please do not tear the stitches.

And do not make me go with new wounds.

If that is even possible.

What do I want, are you a friend I want to risk procreation with?
I will, if you will.
We can play house,
make shooting star wishes,
play on the jungle gym
and see who can swing the highest.

We can be adults too, I can
talk to you about philosophy and drink coffee at the cafe,
here we can race heartbeats and sit close enough to smell each other,
to know who's pillow is who's and feel less lonely by a simple, but beautiful smell.
I would use your pillow when you have to go away.

I want you be free and equal and to do as you please as long as your loyal and honest.
That is my only request.

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